Frances Hansom Holistic Therapies TM will not collect any personal data from the users of this website.

If you become a client of the company and seek treatment, personal information will be collected and securely stored for the purpose of fulfilling insurance requirements or in the case of a medical emergency during treatment.

Privacy Notice 

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), standard for data privacy the therapist is required to collect personal data for client record and treatment.

  • The lawful purpose for collecting this information is in the client's vital interests which comes under Article (6d) of the GDPR. If the client is taken ill at any point during the treatment, then personal information is available to the therapist

  • The legal purpose is to comply with the terms of the current insurer, Hiscox.

  • The personal data obtained currently are contact details and pertinent medical information

  • The personal information shared with the therapist will not be passed on to any third party or used for any purpose other than in the case of an emergency. No personal data is collected about clients from any other organisation

  • The client records will be stored in a secure location and will be destroyed after 10 years retention, in line with current terms of insurance

  • All clients have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (ICO)